L'Oreal chooses the Australian head and neck cushion invention 'HeadBed'.

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 8th Jan 2016

The highlight of 2015 for HeadBed was the Paris Mondial Coiffure Beautee Show in September where L'Oreal buyers discovered our innovative washbasin neck cushion. Our French distributor Cindarella gave HeadBed a prominent place at its glamorous stand at the Paris MCB, and it attracted a lot of attention.

Inventor and Naturopath Catherine Randabel was at the Paris Show, demonstrating the unique benefits and safety features of the HeadBed, which made quite an impact on the representatives of most progressive company in the world, L'Oreal. Amongst all the hairdressing products on display at the Paris Show, HeadBed was chosen to be L'Oreal Dubai promotional item for their Christmas campaign. We could not be more proud.

In Europe, and also America, the hairdressing industry is becoming increasingly conscious of the safety of salon clients, and the duty of care of salon owners towards their guests and staff. HeadBed head and neck cushion provides precisely this unique support to the weight of the head, thereby saving the neck from potential injury, as the head reclines backwards over a hard basin edge.

Hygiene and sterilisation of salon equipment is also topmost on the agenda of legislators in the USA. This why our highest grade silicon rubber cushion has passed these stringent hygiene rules, and has been accepted by American distributors. Salon Interiors of New Jersey and Petruccelli Beauty of New York have become our clients in 2015.

Petruccelli Beauty invited HeadBed to attend the New York IBS March Expo, and showcased both the European and US models of the HeadBed cushion. Delighted attendees tried out both models and confirmed that women in particular, are prepared to 'suffer in silence' at the washbasin, in order to achieve the desired end result of a great hairstyle. But with the HeadBed on the shampoo bowl, they felt completely relaxed and comfortable. Jose Perales national US 'demonstrator' for BabyBliss tested out the HeadBed cushion at the basin, with a full shampoo and rinse. He immediately confirmed its efficacy, placed an order for his salon, and was happy to publicly endorse our HeadBed on YouTube ! Thanks Jose !

The London Salon International in October 2015 was also a very exciting event for HeadBed, as SalonEco our UK distributor, is very well known and respected in the British hairdressing industry circles. Several distributors from South Africa and Europe confirmed the uniqueness of the HeadBed cushion and are in discussions with SalonEco for opening up new markets.

The time has come for the Australian hairdressing community to recognised and support this local invention, aimed at protecting clients at the washbasin, and providing a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.