Paralysed by a stroke ! Life changing event !

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 22nd Jan 2020

Strokes and how they happen:  now we are getting really technical.  The International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Research  states...... "The paralysis of vertebro-basi … read more

A Head above the Rest

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 11th Aug 2015

The Australian product ‘HeadBed’ is cutting into the global hairdressing market. Revolutionizing wash basin treatments, the medically endorsed product is an ergonomically designed head and neck s … read more

Beauty Parlour Syndrome

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 30th Jun 2015

Check out this fantastic article in the recent UK Get 5 magazine on Beauty Parlour Syndrome.Every day you witness dozens of clients take a pew at your backwash and let the stylists do their work. &nbs … read more