A Head above the Rest

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 11th Aug 2015

The Australian product ‘HeadBed’ is cutting into the global hairdressing market. Revolutionizing wash basin treatments, the medically endorsed product is an ergonomically designed head and neck support cushion.

Yes, we can say ‘Glamour just got comfortable. Seriously’. Keeping clients safe at the shampoo basin, and enhancing the overall salon experience, the HeadBed has been custom made to support a client’s head at its heaviest point. This helps relieve any unnecessary pressure on the neck and allows the neck muscles to completely relax whilst at the wash basin.

Inventor Catherine Randabel, a qualified naturopath, states that the number one cause of salon client complaints derive from discomfort at the salon sink. “Hairdressing clientele no longer need to have their favorite component of the salon experience tainted by uncomfortable basins”.

“Following constant complaints from my clients about neck pain and even injury post salon treatments, I felt compelled to tackle this recurrent issue, at the source: the washbasin.”

“I have developed a product that not only solves the pain and discomfort felt at the salon sink but actually improves one of the most integral parts of the experience. And HeadBed is doing it on a world wide scale. It makes sense, if it’s occurring at our local salons in Perth why not USA, London and Paris, so we tested international markets and it is really starting to take off over there”.

“The salon sink design has not changed in decades, whereas product development in shampoos and conditioners has continually evolved. It was time to take a look at the actual service hairdressers were providing and see how we could improve on it. From everything we are hearing HeadBed is doing just that and I couldn’t be more excited. The HeadBed is one of the most significant advancements in customer safety and comfort for decades.”

It’s not just clients who have fallen in love with the new HeadBed but hairdressers alike. Hairdressers are beginning to report nearly zero customer complaints on the issue of discomfort at the salon sink, with HeadBed also eliminating water leakage, keeping customers dry and comfortable.

The HeadBed is now an international product, adopted by Vidal Sassoon UK Training Academies in London, Cindarella Paris Salon Furniture Company is distributing in Europe, as well as London’s Salon-Eco for the UK market, and Petruccelli Beauty Products in New York for the USA.

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