Our Day In Chelmsford Essex

Our Day In Chelmsford Essex

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 11th Oct 2013

Our Day In Chelmsford Essex, 11 Oct 2013

We were welcomed by the World and Five Times British Hairdressing Champion, Craig Hubert who now has a HeadBed on his sink in Chelmsford, Essex.

Craig Hubert is typical of the forward thinking, early adopters hairdressers of the Chelmsford, Essex community. They are the first in the UK to have adopted the HeadBed, making them part of the global hairdressing industry innovators and trend-setters.

One Step Ahead, Craig Hubert, Genesis, Options and Lee Stafford Training Academy have embraced change at the wash basin, and now have the new and remarkable HeadBed on their sinks providing women and men with comfort, support and safety at the back wash basin.

Craig Hubert said that it definitely makes a difference, and we look forward to getting familiar with the use of the HeadBed.

Craig Hubert with Catherine and Cathy

Judith from Genesis said "it is amazing, the effect for our clients is like day and night and our customers noticed the support immediately".

Norman from Options fully endorses the HeadBed and says it’s time that someone has brought to market this brilliant product. I have been trialling this product now for a month and my clients LOVE IT.

“Customer Comfort is the utmost importance and the HeadBed makes hair washing and treatments a pleasure now for our clients” Adrian from One Step Ahead.

Norman and Cathy with the HeadBed