​The Paris influence on Perth!

​The Paris influence on Perth!

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 4th Jun 2015

We just have to share... We received a call today from a hairdresser in South Perth who's client, Vivianne, had just returned from Paris where she discovered the HeadBed at her French friend's salon!

The French Salon tried a HeadBed and they loved it so much, and got such glowing feedback from clients that they ordered 20 HeadBeds to fit out all their 'bacs de lavage' for shampoo services.

Thanks to Cindarella our French HeadBed distributor, the Parisian salons are being educated and equipped with the latest revolutionary head and neck support for the washbasin. Vivianne has now told her South Perth hairdresser about HeadBed, and we look forward to meeting her next week for a demonstration

Thank you for the word-of-mouth recommendation ladies! This photo is the French Cindarella/HeadBed team at the Paris Hair Expo last year.