Does the HeadBed fit most salon sinks?

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 21st Sep 2020

Here’s a question we often get asked about a HeadBed.   

Does the HeadBed fit most salon sinks?

The short answer is YES.

The long answer is: Yes; due to many many years of research on hundreds of salon sinks around the globe.

The HeadBed being made from medical grade silicone, is supple, flexible and fits around the basin neck, .The head support platform is moulded into the silicone to give support to your client’s head and neck.

HeadBed also fits on portable plastic shampoo basins.

Plus, the HeadBed silicone is impermeable. Nothing can penetrate it. Properly sanitised in-between clients, all skin debris, bacteria and germs will be removed.

Using sub-standard neck cushions or foam covers these days is a recipe for disaster. These have minute cracks which trap and collect germs which can be passed on between clients. (We told you it would be a long answer!).  Sounds good?

Q: Does the HeadBed fit most salon sinks.

A: Yes, it does!  Click here to discover more…

The best salons around the globe, and the L’Oréal and Vidal Sassoon Academies (Paris and London), are using our HeadBeds. Professional hairdressers the world over, have tried, tested and love our HeadBeds.

That is why this Australian invention should be in all salons and on every shampoo basin out there.

PS.Apart from its brilliant hygiene benefits, it’s the unique, ergonomic design which supports the weight of the human head, which makes HeadBed the must-have basin accessory for professional hairdressers.

Isn't time you got your HeadBed today.