Demand rises exponentially for HeadBeds around the Globe

Demand rises exponentially for HeadBeds around the Globe

Posted by Cathy Dalton on 20th Sep 2020

Tens of thousands of hair salons around the globe now have HeadBeds on their Salon Sinks, which we think is just amazing! And demand keeps is rising.

Since creating HeadBed, our mission was to save necks from harm, around the globe, and to make the shampoo session at the basin a safe and comfortable one.

Some people thought we were mad, and yes some days, we did as well!

The comfort and safety mission of HeadBed was achieved, but now, in the past few months, the hygiene feature of our unique neck cushion has really come to the fore.

Never before in the history of hairdressing, has the hygiene issues been more vitally important.

That is why our HeadBed is ahead of the rest ! Pardon the pun... :)

As it is made from medical grade silicone, it can be 100% sanitised in between each client. No microorganisms (bugs) can remain on its super smooth surface. Its highest grade silicone does not crack or fissure, so nothing can get caught. It is the same silicone used in the manufacture of hospital equipment. It was our commitment, right from the start, to only use the best for this innovative device.

The HeadBed  now comes with a 5-year warranty.

Our clients who purchased a HeadBed 7 years ago, still have their brand-new looking HeadBeds on their sinks today. That makes us enormously proud, as HeadBed is also a 'green product'. Good for the environment, which is why it is a favourite product of Sustainable Salons ANZ.

The best salons around the globe, and the L’Oréal and Vidal Sassoon Academies (Paris and London), are using our HeadBeds. Professional hairdressers the world over, have tried, tested and love our HeadBeds.

That is why this Australian invention should be in all salons and on every shampoo basin out there. Isn't it time you had a HeadBed too?!

PS. Apart from its brilliant hygiene benefits, it’s the unique, ergonomic design which supports the weight of the human head, which makes HeadBed the must-have basin accessory for professional hairdressers.

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