About Us

About Us

The HeadBed team is made up of Catherine's - Catherine Randabel and Catherine (Cathy) Dalton.

Founding the company in early 2012, The 'Cath's have been friends and business associate for over 25 years.  Our company is being built on integrity and the highest of business ethics.


Catherine Randabel
HeadBed was invented by West Australian naturopath Catherine Randabel (BA Phys.Ed & Psych., Grad.Dip.Psych., Dip.Applied Science Naturopathy. Member ATMS).

Catherine started her Naturopathic practice in 1991 and has since built a successful and busy private practice in Wanneroo WA, blending all aspects of natural therapies including remedial massage.

Catherine began to observe with her clients a cluster of neck problems and headaches that started at the hair salon during and after the hair wash.She found that on average most women visit the hairdresser’s every 6-8 weeks.

"One of my client’s rang me on a Thursday in great distress, as she had 2 days of painful headaches and sore neck after a long session at the salon sink! All day I kept thinking about the implications of placing one's head in such extreme hyperextension position with the neck taking all the weight of the head. To make matters worse, while washing my client’s hair, the hairdressers applied downward pressure on the head with the neck against a hard porcelain edge. My client’s neck muscles must have been put under a lot of pressure and tension as they are not meant to sustain such force.  No wonder she was in great pain and distress.  

Our head on average weighs between 3.8 to 5 kgs, this hyperextension does put a lot of pressure on our delicate blood vessels and nerves which weave their way through and around the vertebrae of the neck.  I reasoned that if the whole weight of the reclining head could be supported at its heaviest point (under the occipital bone), then the neck's delicate structures would be safe and would not be strained or injured! 

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This motivated her to solve the problem and create the HeadBed. After years of research, and understanding and observing the actions/activities that occurred at the salon sink from a customer and hairdresser’s perspective, the HeadBed was conceived.

Catherine has a university degree in Teaching, Psychology and Physical Education.  She particularly enjoyed the Biomechanics, Ergonomics and Sports Massage units of the Physical Education degree. She also has a graduate Diploma in Naturopathy and Remedial Massage Therapy.


Cathy Dalton
I have always experienced pain at the salon sink for years.  So when Catherine first shared her concept of head support with me, whilst she was fixing my neck, I knew the idea was brilliant.  Having travelled to many places around the globe and have had my hair washed at many salons, I knew that we could "save the necks" of woman and men around the globe.  

he holds a Grad. Cert. Business (Marketing) and is an Associate Member and Certified Practicing Marketer, Australian Marketing Institute, and a CMM for the Property Council of Australia.  She is an astute and commercially aware professional with a hands-on management style, and 20+ years senior marketing experience in local and international markets.