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 COVID 19:  Defence against the silent killer

HeadBed is helping Hairdressers and Salon owners get ready for the MUST DO changes in your salons after COVID 19.  Now more than ever, do not use sub-standard silicone neck cushions or foam covers on washbasins, as they can have minute cracks which trap and collect skin debris, microbes and germs.  

Both are impossible to clean and disinfect andproperly, you may be passing on bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms between clients.  

Only trust the original HeadBed head and neck cushion, made from medical grade silicone which is 100% hygienic and easily sanitised in between clients.   Sterilise and clean all workstations, tools and all surfaces are a must, with antibacterial wipes or sanitiser sprays used after every client.   

Even with continual cleaning, your Headbed will last for years.  

Hygienic ....???!!!!!   NO...... !

Any foam or cheap silicon neck cushion folds, creases, cracks and traps germs. Ask your hair salon to invest in a HeadBed, as it is guaranteed to be 100% hygienic, and will not do what you see here !  Please throw these ones away now.  




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